Sunday, June 22, 2014

Turik Saga

The Turik Saga is now going to be 5 books. I originally planned on seven but the story was too drawn out. After much thought, I chose 5 because it won't lose any of the major plot points. It will hopefully keep the action moving at a much quicker pace (I hope the readers agree). I am still awaiting book IV's cover. It should be here any day now. When the cover is ready, I will post the picture. The book should be out shortly after the cover. Part of that depends on the editing and formatting process.

After book V is complete, I will be taking some time off from young adult fantasy. I will be working on three different works. One is the horror story I posted about previously. One is a dark fantasy (for adults), and the last one is a mystery/thriller. When Turik's saga is complete, I will post more about the upcoming book ideas.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Self-publish is great. There are so many wonderful things about it. You can choose your own title, your own cover art, you own formatting, and your own content.

The problem is...It is a lot of work. I love writing! I love having people read my books. The problem is getting my books into the hands of readers. That means advertising or starting discussions about my books. It means looking into different formatting or even different cover art.

I have had some success with I have not tried but have heard some good things. I have tried bookmarks and going to book signing and book talks. I have done book fairs. It is not easy. There are times when I think...Is any of this work the time I put into it? Not the writing. I will always write. I mean the advertising. It isn't easy to spread the word about your books. Try if you need another way.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Conclusion

It dawned on me tonight, as I am writing, that Turik's adventures will be over within a year. I recently told someone that they do not realize how much time I spend in Turik's world. Zymaria has been part of my life for four years. I am hoping to finish writing the rough draft by September or October.  I am not sure how much more time I will spend in Zymaria. The thought makes me a little sad.

I will say I have toyed with the idea of writing one or maybe two prequels. One about the rise of Kal'Thazar and one about when Athtarn was fighting a great war. The one may be more of a short story.

Are there any worlds where you go to get away from reality?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Idea Journal

I keep a notebook that is full of writing ideas. As they develop, I add information or possible directions for each of the ideas. I often have several different directions for a story before I write it. I like the characters to direct the story once they start.

I do appreciate that people have ideas they want to share, but right now I cannot write other people's ideas. I have more books to write then I do time. I do encourage you to try to play out your ideas by writing. If nothing else, keep a journal of ideas for yourself.

I do collaborate with a few people about writing. Alexis, you are always welcome to contact me about your writing.