Saturday, December 19, 2015

Life After Turik

Life has been crazy lately. We did a fundraiser and walk for diabetes. We are taking classes to learn how to operate an insulin pump and a CGM device. Writing has sadly taken a back seat to these other adventures in my life. We also ran a fundraiser for a family that has a child fighting leukemia. It went well, but we are offering continued prayers for the boy and his family. Now I am getting back into my writing!!!!!

As I am writing the FINAL book in the Turik Saga, I started thinking about what I will be doing next. I have chosen to stay in the fantasy genre. I will be writing about a modern world that has dragons. The main character is finishing high school and heading off to college. She learns she has abilities she has never known were possible.

I have a basic outline for this story, and as the story develops I will leave more information. The cover for this book is finished. I will post the artwork before the new year.