Friday, November 8, 2013

Differernt Genres

I am writing several short stories. One is a horror story. I am not revealing the pen name I will be writing under. The short story will lead to an adult horror book when I have time. The short story is looking to be around 40,000 words (around 150 pages). I am hoping to have this one out by August 2014.

Have you ever thought what you would do with an unlimited amount of money? Where would you build your home? What would surround it? Theodore and his wife buy a secluded lot on the outskirts of town. They surround their house with trees not native to the area. Soon their mansion is preceded by a thick forest. The trees, despite needing a certain climate, florish and grow twice their normal rate. It isn't long before the trees dwarf the mansion.

Noises are heard throughout their property. Some are welcome, like that of the cooing of their new son. When he turns seven, strange things start happening. People from the town start disappearing. Theodore must solve the mystery before his family is next.